Monday, December 8, 2008

Mind Room (original) Epigenetic Intro

Great things are always simple, your perception, thoughts and feelings will affect how your dna will be read, and more deeply, will directly affect your health, if you believe that your healing and pose actions to support it, you body will heal itself and then some, if you believe that your dying, well guess what, your cells will execute that. Logically when we care about ourselves and truly want to be happy, we instinctively start to eat better feel better and know better...

original song & instruments performed and cyberedited by cyberkaz

Mind over Matter is starting to be proven scientifically, and the "placebo" effect is not just a myth anymore, life is a gift and your mind is ultimately gearing your cells, be smart, love your body, even if life try's to bring you down, force it back up, change your mindset, forget what others think, and harness the love...

source images from two NOVA documentaries: "Ghost in your Genes" which focuses on new discoveries concerning epigenetics and the epigenome, and the other is simply called "DNA" a PBS special on the controversial history of dna and the human genome project.

At the end is Bruce Lipton talking on a radio show about his findings and experiences as a bio-chemist...

Think good thoughts, pose the actions and you will shine bright!

Our genes carry unbelievable information of our past and how does this genetic information affect our present is revealed in this film.The only way forward is to look into the past.

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