Thursday, February 19, 2009

God Particle to God Field - Ultra Zoom - How Bacon Saves The Universe

Please Just Watch and Feel It.

"If the world came into being through an act of a transcendent creator, the stuff of which the world was built and its functioning are both the product of an All-Pervading Consciousness, and it was this created out of Consciousness.

Science is asking, "Where and when did life enter into the scheme of things?"

The answer lies in the proper understanding of life and what life actually signifies.

Let us therefore have done with this philosophical speculation and examine the facts before us, basically.

If something has been created, and we know definitely that it has, then no "thing" could have created it - dead matter cannot create anything. Not even an entity nor a spiritual entity can create. because an entity must itself be created - it is itself a creation.

The creator cannot therefore be an entity or a spirit, but must be an All-Pervading Consciousness which saturates the Ether and Space or Extent in its infinite totality, of which our Universe or Cosmos is a particle.

Thus there could not be more than one Creator because a creator would then be partial and not total nor all-pervading. If there were more than one, then each one would be an entity, and as entities they could rule, but not create.

Nothing, therefore, can create but a creator, and nothing can create a creator. Because whatever created a creator is the Creator, and if there is more than one, they must have been created. So the All-Pervading Consciousness is the Creator - and there is only one.

This branch of Physical Physics is not concerned with the spiritual laws or moral issues.

The important points derived from this are, that the Cosmos or Universe is saturated with this Consciousness and functions on the Creator's plan, which we term "the laws of Nature." A physics which does not understand and ignores Consciousness is itself fundamentally sterile, and can only be used as a guide to the techniques.

Life did not enter into the scheme of things. Organic life is created out of entities, and entities are products of consciousness, conscious-energy and life-force or bio-magnetism, and the life-force is derived from the All-Pervading Consciousness or the Creator. In other words, the definition of fundamental or "origin-consciousness" is the Creator. There is no such thing as "original consciousness" - because this would imply that the Creator had been created, whereas He must always have been and always be for He is the origin of all consciousness or Origin-Consciousness."

"The Physics of the Primary State of Matter," Chapter 3, by Cyril W. Davson based on the work of Karl Schappeller.

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