Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One love, One Soul, One GOD

I've posted this link before, but it's so nice...

You are getting more aware of Your true self, that is why you are watching this awesome video now.
You are waking up, from this amnesia that you have been for a very long time.
You are beginning to remember, how it is to have fun in the ever present NOW.
You are beginning to remember, how to manifest anything you TRULLY desire.
You are becoming aware of the morphogenic fields that talk to you.

PS. Muchas gracias "attractionlaw" para este mejor video.
Muchas besos.

You are raising in vibratory state of consciousness which automatically shifts you to totally new place of faster manifestation, coz the closer to your true vibration you are, the quicker you begin to manifest things in your life.
Live you life to the fullest.
Have passion in it for the sake of it ! ! !
Love every sun ray and every blade of grass and every atom bomb and serial killer, IT IS ALL ONE !

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