Monday, November 24, 2008

The Holographic Universe

A video which showcases various quotes about the nature of reality. More quotes like these may be found in the Conscious Creation section on

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With this video, I wanted to create a reminder of what I consider to be the most accurate model for the universe- the holographic paradigm.

The idea has been popularized by David Bohm and Michael Talbot (writer), among others, and essentially states that despite its seeming substance, the universe is an elaborate and highly complex holographic construct. Objective 'reality' doesn't really exist, and our world is not 'out there'. It's within our own perception and determined by what we believe to be the case at the deepest levels.

This model of reality is in line with some of the Eastern teachings like Advaita Vedanta, or non-duality, which states that all division and seperation is ultimately an illusion- we are all one. The ancient Vedic texts seem to make this point as well; that what we perceive as our 'world' is really just maya, or an illusion. There are also countless shamans around the world who say things in line with the holographic model.

The universe being holographic also explains a lot of things such as past lives, psychic phenomena, out of body experiences, and the like. If the universe is truly just a holographic construct, an elaborate illusion moulded by our beliefs; then surely there could be these phenomena?!

Please note also that the video is not a discussion of varying viewpoints, but rather a presentation of quotes and images which help to communicate the essence of what is commonly meant when people talk of the holographic universe. Includes quotes by David Bohm, Michael Talbot, Neville Goddard, Bill Hicks, James Dewar, Anthony de Mello and Shakti Gawain.

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