Saturday, November 22, 2008

We need a better world to live in !!!

Have you ever noticed that when someone is very negative and always complaining they may start to influence you and you may start to see only the negative events or negative side of things as they do?

The way you think can be conditioned and a person can also be psychologically manipulated to have a negative thinking pattern, to always see the negative side of things or expect the worse, or to see the negatives out of a situation or event reflexively instead of being open minded or thinking of the positives first.

A tactic often used is to also constantly interpret or expose the victim to negativity. In some cases it's used to induce or can lead to depression.

Most of us are aware that governments, are manipulating the population with the help of media around the globe through actually creating fearful situations or even by lying that certain situations exist, when they really don't exist.

I was just watching the news and threw up my hands in disgust at the way the media is creating fear to promote specific agendas. Although it is not totally clear as to what these agendas are....many times there are several combined together, it is becoming increasingly obvious to some of us that these agendas are not for our benefit.

The flu epidemic "scare" is a prime example of this deception. Some believe and many know that vaccines are most likely the main culprit of the rapidly declining health of our nation. Children are recieving more and more shots and at younger and younger ages. They also appear to be getting sicker and sicker with this increase and combination of different shots. 30% of our nation's children have a chronic condition. This is an outrage and a tragedy! Why aren't we being told about this in the news?

The final point is that we shouldn't be afraid of anything, fear is just a state of mind not a reality...


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