Friday, March 6, 2009

Floating in grace

Every day when you awake and regardless of what you hear/see or believe Re-Member this...

All is Well...

We ARE floating in Grace...

In february of 2003 a comet almost twice the size of Jupiter flew through our solar system.

We were given an other chance, someone is taking care of us. we are floating in grace.

2003 February 24
Explanation: As Comet NEAT flared, the Sun roared. Just as the comet swooped inside the orbit of Mercury and developed a long and flowing tail of gas and dust, the Sun emitted a huge Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). Neither the fortuitous hot ball of solar gas nor the intense glare of sunlight appeared to disrupt the comet's nucleus. The action was too close to the Sun to be easily visible by humans, but the orbiting Sun-pointing SOHO satellite had a clear view of the celestial daredevil show. The above image was taken on February 18 when the comet was so bright it created an artificial horizontal streak on the camera image. During the encounter, Comet NEAT, official designation (C/2002 V1), brightened to second magnitude. An opaque disk blocked the Sun's image. The now-outbound comet remains bright but will surely fade as it moves away from the Sun.

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