Friday, March 27, 2009

The metaphor of Oneness and Consciousness

We are stepping into the new consciousness.
Our old consciousness is represented by the cut grass -- with all the laws of our society which brought us down from our full potential to this dead looking, boring state of existence, where everyone is the same because individualism is not celebrated into Oneness.
The new consciousness is represented through the wild grass -- which is untouched and in its original state -- look at it, it's still One with the cut grass, but you can see individuals in it -- and they are beautiful, they look alive and happy and the law is not making them One by force but One through Oneness of realization of individualism...
I was walking in the park and as I looked at the grass this realization came onto me -- so I rushed home to get the camera and that's what came out. As you pay close attention you may notice how the grass is playing along to the musical piece "Reiputa" which is from the album of Lisa Gerrard "Whale Rider". I just placed the piece of music into the movie and stretched the clip to the length of the sound clip and the magic happened without me planning it. Can you feel the emotion........................

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